Keith Anderson

Chief Executive Officer

Anderson Keith

Chief Executive Officer

Meet Keith Anderson

I founded Vialex in 2010 to advise companies, and businesses generally as if we are their in-house legal counsel.

It struck me that companies would benefit from having constant access to a dedicated team of legal advisers, as opposed to just taking advice on a reactive basis. Roll the clock forward and the Vialex Legal Counsel Service team now advises and supports a wide range of companies in all sorts of sectors across our core disciplines of corporate, equity and debt funding, commercial contract, intellectual property, and employment law. And because we know our clients’ business so well, we can give strategic input too.

It has been a privilege to work with so many talented and innovative businesses and to be truly a member of their team.

We also have an active corporate transaction practice. I have specialised in mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance, private equity, and joint ventures for over 30 years and continue to advise clients throughout the United Kingdom.

For me, it is all about meeting people, listening to their story, and helping them to realise their aspirations for their business…… and having some fun while putting it all into place.

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