Colin McKay

Technology has been fundamental to the delivery of financial services, and banking in particular, for decades. The emergence of the fintech sector since the 2008 financial crash has boosted that trend.  And while technology continues to develop, law and regulation are constantly scrambling to keep up. This all means participants in the markets – institutions, fintechs, corporates and others – are day to day doing business in a changing environment where quick access to reliable advice on the latest legal and regulatory requirements can be essential.

I have advised and worked with participants in the banking markets for many years, most recently in a fintech in house role. I have therefore seen the constant technological change and corresponding evolution of the legal and regulatory frameworks.

My role, working with the Vialex Legal Counsel Services team, is to help banking industry clients with the wide variety of technology-related and other commercial contracts they enter. Our twin objectives in each case are to help achieve the client’s desired commercial outcome and full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.